Welcome to "What's Good?", where I tackle a myriad of subjects: From Film/TV to Music, to Tech, Race & Society; Current Affairs and many more, through my eyes and the eyes of the writers I read.

So if you take an interest in anything I feel like talking about any given week, along with the occasional interview with Friends of 5E, then this is your podcast.

A 5EPN Original.

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Ep.185 - Digital Amnesia & Being Spontaneous

On Ep.185 of WG: Tories following the US in abortion, 'digital amnesia', the gutting of radical anti-racism in Britain and being spontaneous.

Ep.184 - Modern Culture & The British Press

On Ep.184 of WG: America, Modern Culture, TVs relationship to Black people & The British Press

Ep.183 - "All The Rooms Are Slowly Melting" W/ Otis Mensah

We have our first member of the 2x WG interview club, tag-teaming with Ryan Gaur to interview Otis Mensah.

Ep.182 - British Gymnastics & DALL-E

On Ep.182 of WG: British Gymnastics in hot water, The Athletics says "No politics" for staff, cannabis growing & DALL-E.

Ep.181 - Rwanda & Grenfell, 5 Years On

On Ep.181 of WG: Asylum seekers being shipped to Rwanda, Batman & Scotland Yard saving Spotify, Dating Apps dying & Grenfell, five years on.

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