Ep.149 - Succession, Elaine Thompson-Herah & Insecure

On Ep.149 of WG: Waging war on motorists, my problem with 'Succession', Elaine Thompson-Herah's amazing year despite setbacks, and a farewell to 'Insecure'.

In a week where:
  1. On a film set, Alec Baldwin accidentally discharges a firearm, wounding director Joel Souza & killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.
  2. Donald Trump is heading up a new social network, TRUTH. 
  3. David Beckham is reportedly hosting the '22 World Cup in Qatar. Netting him £150m.
  4. UK Minimum Wage rises from £8.91 to £9.50 an hour.
  5. Ahead of Barbados becoming a Republic, Sandra Mason is elected their first President.
In Life: (6:29) With everyone talking about the upcoming COP26 and the Climate Crisis in general, there's one set of people that have been chilling all this time, with nobody looking at them. Motorists.

In the first of two Film/TV segments: (20:39) Succession is back for its third season. But whilst everyone is loving it, I can't get past its jarring attempt to be surreal in a hyperreal world.

In Sports: (35:22) Elaine Thompson-Herah probably had the best year of any sportsperson, becoming the 2nd fastest woman ever over 100m and cleaning up gold medals in the process. But like every good sports story, it wasn't a rosy path.

Lastly, in the 2nd Film/TV segment: (47:49) Insecure has begun its fifth and final season. And as a show I have been looking forward to at every point, I think it deserves some flowers as a beacon of modern comedy on top of its following of highly dynamic characters.

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Ep.149 - Succession, Elaine Thompson-Herah & Insecure
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