Ep.179 - TV Trends, UK Rap & CBBC

On Ep.179 of WG: Nostalgia continues to be milked in TV, UK Rap is now doing the same, CBBC is going down & artists being pressured to play the viral game.
In a week where:
  1. Ray Liotta dies aged 67.
  2. Kevin Spacey has been charged with four counts of sexual assault against three men.
  3. Legendary post-war jockey Lester Piggott dies aged 86.
  4. Tory MPs once again mull triggering a confidence vote for Boris Johnson.
  5. It's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
In the 1st of two TV segments: (8:47) With Stranger Things back for one last hurrah and many more shows going down the nostalgia route, is it time to chill on the nostalgia-bait yet?

In the 1st of two Music segments: (21:43) It's not just TV that's milking the nostalgia cow, mainstream UK Rap is now doing it, begging the question why it's the new trend.

In the 2nd TV segment: (37:59) Several notable artists have been lamenting on their socials about their label demanding more engagement from them. Is this just a cloaked label move or a genuine call for help?

Finally, in the 2nd TV segment: (54:10) In the next step in the slow death of the BBC, CBBC will soon cease to be on TV and will be housed exclusively online. We saw this with BBC Three, and look how that went...

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Ep.179 - TV Trends, UK Rap & CBBC
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