Ep.187 - Whiteness & Admitting You're Wrong

On Ep.187 of WG: What Whiteness is, the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, the Government bottling everything and how to admit when you're wrong.
In a week where:
  1. Cameron Smith wins The 150th Open.
  2. UK faces two days of 35-40 degree heat.
  3. World Athletics Championships goes down.
  4. Sky News cancels third leadership debate.
  5. Health officials in Ghana have declared an outbreak of the highly infectious Marburg virus.
In Society: (8:37) Whiteness is an invisible disease that most people aren't aware of but is actually the root to a lot of social ills. So what is Whiteness?

In Politics: (26:25) The leadership for the Conservative Party continues with a few TV debates. But fuck all that, let's instead talk about how they broke the economy with no idea how to fix it.

In Work: (38:52) In the creative world, there's always people in places higher than you that simply do not know how to treat people in the creative industry right. So let's highlight the red flags.

Lastly, in Life: (53:49) We're all human, which means we are all wrong from time to time. But instead of doubling down, sometimes it's just worth admitting you're wrong.

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Ep.187 - Whiteness & Admitting You're Wrong
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