Ep.189 - Bill Russell & Nichelle Nichols

On Ep.189 of WG: The lives of Bill Russell & Nichelle Nichols; VFX artists vs Marvel & who will own the art of the future?
In a week where:
  1. Rebekah Vardy loses Libel case against Coleen Rooney.  
  2. NBA legend Bill Russell dies aged 88.
  3. Iconic actress Nichelle Nichols dies aged 89.
  4. England win the Women's Euro 2022.
  5. Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri killed in US airstrike.
In Sports: (6:52) The great Bill Russell died aged 88. A pillar of basketball, Russell inspired many, including a player that is arguably on the same plateau as Russell, but would never dare say it himself: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

In the 1st of two Film/TV segments: (22:42) In a tragic double, actress Nichelle Nichols also passed in the weekend. Notably one of the first Black women featured in a major US television series.

In the 2nd Film/TV segment: (32:10) With the recent slate of Marvel shows & films being announced, people rightly turned to the VFX industry, wondering how the hell they're going to keep up.

Lastly, In Tech: (43:13) The people behind DALL-E are now allowing people to use DALL-E and sell whatever they get from the program. Which begs the questions: Will it always be like that and what precedent does this set for the future of art?

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Ep.189 - Bill Russell & Nichelle Nichols
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